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Re: [IP] Elevated microalbumin (protein in urine) after 2 years?

Kevin just had his test and we did the whole 24 hr again because the Dr said 
it was too early in the game for this to show up. (diabetes for 8 1/2 yrs). 
Well, it came back positive and he put him on an ACE inhibitor called 
Zestril. His number was a very low number...35.3. They say anything over 30 
should be looked at.  Funny, Kevin has been in pretty good control the whole 
time, maybe once having an A1c of 8 at the most. Guess it's luck of the draw 
as our endo says.  We just started this med and will check in another 1 1/2 
months. It gives him a terrible cough so we are going to ask for and Ace 2 
blocker instead. (our peditrician said to ask about it) 

It was a shock, but as another pumper stated, isn't it great that they can 
catch it early instead of too late?  That's how I look at it.

Good luck, Linda 
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