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[IP] RE: insulin-pumpers-digest V4 #180

  Carol Eve wrote:  Those blankety-blank
doctors that stood before me in a condescending manner and wagged fingers
in my face to say that I was doing something WRONG are truly dinosaurs in
the field of diabetes!! I had to work MUCH harder before just to stay out
of the 500s...than now to shoot for 150!! I am also on a low carb diet per
my new doctor...which really has helped eliminate the radical swings and
rebounds. Good luck to all the new pumpers (and acrobats...cartwheels and
backflips..hee hee)...your excitement is very well justified!!  Carole Eve 
CONGRATULATIONS (!!!) on your successful 12 days and good feelings and the 
wonder of the portable pancreas!  I agree the doctors in North Alabama are 
Neanderthals, uneducated and uninterested.   Isn't it a wonderful feeling 
to be in control of your body.  Like somebody here said, "They will have to 
pry my pump from my cold dead fingers" in 30-40 complication free years! 
  It is a feeling like none other, even when those numbers sometimes sneak 
up for "no apparent reason" your life is multiple times better even in the 
150s!   I am happy for you and know your future holds bright things.

Our newspaper "Huntsville Times" had an article yesterday about a 6 year 
old boy who has Type 1 on several shots a day...no mention of a pump.  I am 
calling the Times to say, did you know there are alternatives...?  See if 
they will do a feature on that.

AND ROSELEA.....Are you ready???  I bet we will be able to hear the shouts 
USA wide.

Great Pumping to you both.

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