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Re: [IP] Discrimination

In a message dated 5/15/00 11:44:18 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< Ok, my question.  This new job of mine offers Long Term Disability 
 Insurance.  I opted for 70% coverage.  I had to fill out an eligibility 
 form.  Guess what one of the questions was?  Yep do I have diabetes.  I 
 knew right then and there I would be denied.  But sent it anyway.  I just 
 got the letter today.  I just cried.  >>
Fran you have hit one of my soft spots. I am on (LTD) from a large Corp. I 
was lucky to get the insurance in the 60's. What bothers me is life 
insurance. I have enough to pay for the final exit but only for that. I began 
my family in the mid 60's and had to put the family plan on my wonderful 
wife. I made the mistake of letting a large insurance CO see my health 
records (mistake). I have minor complications after 52 years of D so they 
lost out. I would have paid a much higher price for the coverage. Don't ever 
give up the fight, but find a different way to solve the problem. I put the 
small extra money away and was able to buy a cottage which takes care of my 
mortgage and 1 day will give my family help after I go to some other place. I 
guess what I really mean is never give up the fight, but don't let it make 
you become negative always stay POSITIVE. Good Luck! Roger C  12/47-5/00
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