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[IP] Re: Insurance

Recently Fran wrote:

>This new job of mine offers Long Term Disability 
>Insurance.  I opted for 70% coverage.  I had to fill out an eligibility 
>form.  Guess what one of the questions was?  Yep: do I have diabetes?  I 
>knew right then and there I would be denied.  But sent it anyway.  I just 
>got the letter today.

Can you go with a different company? I've had to hunt around for both life
and long-term care insurance, and the situation varies quite a bit with
different companies. I just got long-term care insurance (with Lutheran
Brotherhood, but there are others that will insure us) with no problems. It
will probably depend on how well your diabetes is responding. I'm lucky, in
that mine is fairly well under control (for having had it 40 years, anyway)
with no complications, so that undoubtedly was a positive influence. You
also might have to pay more, or get less favorable terms. But, if you can,
check around different places.

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