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Re: [IP] Discrimination

At 08:41 PM 5/15/00 Fran Baumgartner wrote:
 >Ok, my question.  This new job of mine offers Long Term Disability
 >Insurance.  I opted for 70% coverage.  I had to fill out an eligibility
 >form.  Guess what one of the questions was?  Yep do I have diabetes.  I
 >knew right then and there I would be denied.

Is this legal?? If the insurance was offered to all employees through work, 
can you singled out while other employees are covered?? It seems that the 
purpose of group coverage is to spread the risk... denying some people, 
tilts the balance squarely toward the insurance company. Sounds like they 
are trying to have their cake and eat it too. Even Arizona must have an 
insurance commissioner... write and complain. Does your HR department have 
any control over this... someone there negotiated the contract with that 
insurance company. There is almost always an appeals process.... find out 
how it works and how to get it started.

 >When I was 16, that would be
 >24 years ago, I was denied car insurance.

This just shows how much the laws and their interpretation have changed 
over the years... mainly because people complained and protested. Please 
don't take this rejection lying down. Start with your Human Resources 
department and document everything. Go through the appeals process, if 
possible. Then, contact your state insurance commissioner. especially if 
your company is not being very helpful. If none of that helps, try a 
consumer advocate with either your local TV stations or newspaper... they 
just love human interest stories like that.


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