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[IP] Discrimination

Hi All,

I need help.  To for warn, I may come across in a negative way, for I am 
feeling very negative and angry right now.  It's been a lousy blood sugar 
day and just a lousy day all around.

Ok, my question.  This new job of mine offers Long Term Disability 
Insurance.  I opted for 70% coverage.  I had to fill out an eligibility 
form.  Guess what one of the questions was?  Yep do I have diabetes.  I 
knew right then and there I would be denied.  But sent it anyway.  I just 
got the letter today.  I just cried.  I am so sick of trying so damn hard 
and getting about zippo pay back.  I am probably healthier than other 
people without a chronic illness.  I really liked how this blankety 
blankety form didn't even ask about aids or cancer, but sure as hell asked 
about diabetes.  So, do I fight it?  Who would I go to fight it?  I am 
going to my benefit person tomorrow, but I imagine I will have to do more 
than that.  I just think this is discrimination and I am really pissed.  I 
am tired of being turned away because of D.  When I was 16, that would be 
24 years ago, I was denied car insurance.  I know it's just not me, but all 
of us diabetics, but dammit I want to fight this one, but just don't know 
where to begin other than my employer.  Any suggestion and assistance would 
be greatly appreciate.

Thank you,

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