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[IP] Sex and the insulin pumper

Everyone, but especially newbies,

This is only slightly off-topic, but I apologize in advance if it bugs you.
I also apologize for the length of this posting: I'll try to make it
worthwhile. But if you're new to the list, I ask you to please read through

There are some continuing problems coming through from some of us IP members
in their postings. To help reduce these, I decided to make a list of the
ones I know of.

1. In some postings, HTML codes are scattered through the message. These are
the same codes that your Web browser uses to tell when the author of the
page wants to use boldface, or a large heading, or even a colored
background. It's neat on the Web, and normally it's invisible, but it poses
a problem when it's used in a mail message. Many of us use (and prefer) mail
readers that don't use these codes, and we see large chunks of garbage like

{!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.0 Transitional//EN"}
{DEFANGED_META content=3D"text/html; charset=3Diso-8859-1" =
{DEFANGED_META content=3D"MSHTML 5.00.2314.1000" name=3DGENERATOR}
{BODY bgColor=3D#ffffff}
{DIV}{FONT face=3DArial size=3D2}To everyone trying to get approved for =
an insulin=20
{DIV} {/DIV}

There! Wasn't that ugly? (here I've changed the actual angle brackets to
braces, just to make sure no one's mail program can interpret the stuff

There is always a way to suppress this feature (or bug, from my point of
view). Each mailer program is different, so I can't tell you how to set
yours, but ask around. You're trying to send out the message in plain text
rather than HTML.

Many of the offenders are using Outlook Express. I do myself, and was
surprised to find that the program comes with HTML turned on by default. I
had been sending HTML tags myself, without realizing it! Shame, Microsoft! I
still can't tell you how to shut it off, however, as different versions of
OE hide the switch in different places.

2. Usually, when this happens, the text version of the message _also_ comes
through. Sometimes the paragraphs have "=20" at the end of each line,
representing line feeds, I think. This should all go away with proper
setting of the text/HTML switch. But such messages turn out to be about
three times longer than they need to be.

3. In every digest, there's at least one message with a subject "Re:
insulin-pumpers-digest V4 #179". This happens when you hit the "Reply"
button on your mailer program from within a digest: it automatically inserts
what it thinks is the correct subject, which turns out to be just the number
of the current digest. This may just be temporary forgetfulness on your part
(I forgot it once or twice myself), but if it's not, and you don't know how
to edit the subject line, again ask around for help. It's really not
difficult, and makes it a lot easier for us to scroll through a digest,
skipping the messages that don't interest us (I know, I should be interested
in _every_ message, but this is a big group, and most of us don't have time
to read everything). Get in the habit of doublechecking your message _and_
its subject line before you post it.

4. When you hit the "Reply" button, the original message is usually quoted
in its entirety. This is sometimes OK for a short original message, but if
the message was long, and gets quoted, you have an enormous chunk of
unnecessary text accompanying what you really want to say. I've seen entire
_digests_ quoted, and that _really_ gets cumbersome! And expensive for those
of us who pay for on-line time.

There are a couple things you can do.  (1) You can edit the quoted text:
delete all but enough to indicate what you're replying to.  (B) In some
mailers, you can highlight the part you want quoted before you hit the
"Reply" button, and only that portion is included in the quote. (just
discovered that by accident!)  (III) You can probably shut off quoting
altogether, and just copy and paste what you want to quote. You won't
automatically get the nice ">" symbols then, though.

5. Finally: when you unsubscribe, don't do it by just replying to a message
or digest with the word "unsubscribe" or "remove". You're just forcing the
hard-working list administrators search for those messages, and they have to
do the work or unsubscribing. Look at the bottom of each posting to find out
how to unsubscribe. But I don't actually need to worry about that with _you_
folks, do I? You're all in it for the long haul! (he says, after
unsubscribing once and finding out he missed the group too much).

Thanks for reading this boring balderdash, and sorry about being such a
grouse. I'd better go test: being grumpy is always a sign of high BG!

Oh, about the sex: take off your pump first.

- --------------------------

Keith Johnson
Fleischmann Planetarium, Reno NV
email @ redacted
"Time flies like an arrow. Fruit flies like a banana."
- ----------------------------------------------------------
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