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Subject: Re: Subject: [IP] Basal Testing Question

Jenna's not running a real predictable pattern right now, complicated by the
fact that she's got a cold.  She's been doing the "dusk phenomenon" thing
lately, and I thought that the extra insulin was needed at bedtime -but a
few checks showed that sometimes the rise is after 3 am.  I think you wrote
once that Lily's sugars were least predictable at night, especially after
activity, and that's true for Jenna, too.  Between gymnastics workouts,
colds, and growth of an 11 year old, I'm just not sure what the pattern is
yet.  And Jenna is still so insulin-sensitive that 0.1 units per hour drops
her about 25 points - so, raising the basals from 4 am on (that's when her
basals change) could easily swing her 100 points by the time she wakes up at
7 am.  *Sigh* If only these things were more predictable.


<<So the question is..... over the same period of time, how much additional
total insulin would she get if you added 0.1u/hr to her basal starting at
some point in the night (whenever there is a basal change), and would
that amount be enough to offset the 50 point rise ?  Not much basal
testing required to figure that out.>>

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