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[IP] Insurance company denials - A bit long

All Insurance Companies say that x isn't covered where x represents any
object or service which is not free. Most items and services incident to
treating diabetes are covered in almost every state. True you always need
someone to say you need x but most doctors are more than willing to order
anything for you that they feel will help. I recall an incident when I was
practicing: I admitted a doctor to the hospital because he was unable to
provide any care to himself and no mechanism was set up at his home to have
caretakers in the house. The patient was an orthopaedic surgeon. The
insurance company doctor called me to ask why I admitted their insured: My
answer was "Because he was sick!" The next day with hospice arranged, I sent
him home. They were unhappy with my admission and sent me a nastygram which
I sent to the State medical Society. So never take a denial from insurance
on anything to heart. BTW it was the same OHP.

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