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Re: [IP] sils vs micros soft sets

<original message--part>
<I am going to add to this question and ask how much do people prime for
the sil?

Hi Holly,

When I fill the reservoir with insulin, 1) I connect the tubing and then
push the plunger so that I see a drop come out of the end of the
tubing.  I do all this before I put the reservoir in the pump, and
before I connect the tubing to the site.

2) Then I put the reservoir in the pump, and prime the pump until I see
a drop coming out of the tubing--seems to take only 1.0 units or so.

3) Then I attach the tubing to the site. Once I attach it to the site,
the only insulin needed is the amount to make up for the insertion
needle, or 0.075 units. I usually prime 0.8 units to cover it.

But remember that this is for a new site change only--sometimes I change
the insulin reservoir and tubing, but not the site--in which case there
is still insulin in the "pipeline," so I only make sure I do 1 and 2

Hope this isn't too confusing.


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