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[IP] re: sils vs micros soft sets

<original message>
<Just was wondering how many of you got better results when switching
from micro soft sets to sils. My son, Kevin is only etting a max of 2 -
3 days, never a full 3 days and was wondering if the sils would be
better since he's so thin.
Thanks, Linda>

Hi Linda,

I was on sofset micros for the first 2+ months, switched to sils a month
ago, and the difference is fantastic. I have routinely gone 5-6 days on
a site, vs. 3-4 maximum with sofsets. Plus my skin does not have a
reaction to the stickum used on the sils, but with the sofsets I had to
use IV3000 first, etc., etc.

Certainly worth a try.  Ask Minimed for samples.


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