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[IP] Re: mixing insulins

This was certainly the case with our peds endo! He had never
heard of it until I told him that, out of desperation, we had
started mixing insulins (and why.) He never said anything about
it (which for him means, as long as it's working, keep doing it.)
Shortly thereafter, he sat in on a MiniMed pump training and
asked the trainers/reps about it. From what he said, they were in
fits over it (hehehe!) and didn't recommend doing it. He asked me
to explain to him again the reasons why we started doing it. The
verdict: he said to keep doing it because it is obviously working
and we can't discount that. YAY DOC! :)

Michael said:
Check this out with your medical team first -- although many docs
not heard of mixing insulins for this purpose.

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Take care, Kerri, mom to Courtney-14, Kimberly-11, Shannon-9 (dx
w/type 1 diabetes 11/96, pumping 11/99), Jacob-7, Kyle-5,
Matthew-3, & Ashley-1 in WA 
"There is a special magic and holiness about the girl and woman.
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the little children." Sweet Medicine, Cheyenne, undated
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