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[IP] A1C Pre and Post Pumping

All right you guys. . .I didn't post my first A1C post-pumping because - - -=
Well - - -  because I was SOOOO bummed out.
Here's the scoop:
Oct 1999 (2 shots a day of R/NPH) A1C =3D 7.4  (not bad at all except for th=
fact that I had A LOT of lows and rebounding - the whole rollercoaster thing=
Dec 1999 (MDI of H and email @ redacted) A1C =3D 6.9

Feb 2000 (Pumping for 3 months) A1C =3D 7.8!!! Argh!!! I had heard from you=20=
that it might go up, but I wasn't expecting THAT big of a jump.  I was very=20
depressed about this, but in the back of my mind I kept trying to tell mysel=
that this was normal.

May 2000 (Pumping for 6 months) A1C =3D 6.3.  WOW.
 I couldn't believe it, and the protein in my urine is down too, and my bloo=
pressure is down almost to where my nephrologist wants it.  I am feeling=20
better than I have in a  long, long, time.  I want to thank you all for all=20
the support and knowledge. Knowledge is power, and I feel like I <bold font>=
am in control now!  I have learned so much in the past 6 months. =20

Sally =3Do)
IDDM for 35=BD of my 37 years
Assimilated : 7 December 1999
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