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Re: [IP] Insulin Pump Coverage

3 cheers for you Brad.  I too fought with mine also, Benicorp.  The pump was 
approved in May, starting pumping June 7, 99 and it was finally paid for in 
Feb. 2000.  This of course was after dozens of call to the ins CO.  They got 
to the place where my(?) contact would not return my calls.  I asked to speak 
with her supervisor who told me..................well, she is at her desk 
now. I will go tell her you are on the phone.  She did and left the reps. 
desk at which time the rep hung up the phone.  I had to threaten finally to 
call the Ark. Ins. Commission and of course, that always scares the sh.. out 
of them.  I had my pump paid for in full within days.  Incidentally, 
Disetronics never begged me for the payment ever. Just sent me a statement 
every mo. saying the ins. had been filed.  I really appreciated not being 
bugged by them.  Stay with it!  They have to pay!  Hang in 
there!......................Jackie P
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