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[IP] Weird Alarms with Mini-Med >

Leanne wrote:
>   of 3 units, and at about .3, I got a no delivery alarm. 
> I watched the screen for a few seconds...alarm message disappeared

and Bruce replied:
>  For me, the problem is usually a twisted tube 

If this happens to me, and it has...it has almost always been because the 
pump was also trying to deliver a basal amount of insulin at EXACTLY the same 
time as I am trying to deliver a basal...It has never been a cause for 
alarm...the pump beesps, flashes at me...then carries on with the delivery of 
the bolus.  Another way I will get am alarm in the midst of a bolus is when 
the LO BATTERY decides to kick in...the bolusw ith then continue...but at the 
end, it will say LO BATTERY.. 

The most common way for ME to get an alarm during a bolus, is when I get a NO 
DELIVERY alarm....cuz I am out of insulin...woops...

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