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Re: [IP] iv correction bolus

George Lovelace wrote:
>I can see the benefit of this, but my question is what equipment do you
>use to inject a dose of 3.6 units?  Would you connect a bent needle set
>to your pump to get that kind of control of your dose?  Why don't the
>companies develop a Pen with this precise of a dosage?

Either you would just use a suitable syringe - they make them in many
shapes and sizes - or dilute your insulin with a Regular insulin soluent
[1] and use one of those normal insulin syringes. But would an iv injection
require a different spec of needle? That I don't know...

>What of the body reacting to such a precipitous drop?  Would my body
>tell me I was having a reaction if my blood glucose dropped 180 points
>in 10 minutes?

I guess that is something we would have to discover for ourselves. I
personally never get hypo "symptoms" from a rapidly falling bg, although I
know some people do. My body only responds to the absolute level.


[1] Don't forget Regular and Humalog work at exactly the same speed once in
the blood. Humalog is only faster at seeping through the fat.

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