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Re: [IP] Basal Testing Question

Nancy Morgan wrote:
> Hi Holly, 
> You're facing the same question as me, it seems.  Jenna's
> sugars have been rising 50+ points during the night for the 
> last week. 

Then Michael wrote:
>So the question is..... over the same period of time, how much 
>additional total insulin would she get if you added 0.1u/hr to 
>her basal starting at some point in the night (whenever there
>is a basal change), and would that amount be enough to offset 
>the 50 point rise ?  Not much basal testing required to figure 
>that out.

I usually really appreciate your suggestions Michael, but I
strongly disagree with this one.  For me, and I think many
members of this list, the night time basals cannot be set
using the daytime insulin/BG ratio.  Example:  During the day
it takes one unit of H to lower my BG 50 points.  If I see a 
50 point BG rise between 3am and 6am, I only need to increase
my basal rate by .1U/hr. between 3am and 4am to take care of it.
Put another way, I take a total of 1.5 units of basal insulin
between 12 midnight and 5am.  If I were to decrease that by
.1U/hr. for each of those 5 hours, a total decrease of half
of a unit, I would easily see a BG rise of over 300 points by 
6am.  I think that basal testing is the only way to set those 
basal rates.  I'd be interested to hear if others experience
this as well.
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