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Re: [IP] Pump Start

><<  On Thursday May 11th , my son Tim, age 10 went live on the D pump!!! 
>Whahooooooo!!!   He is absolutly thrilled about the freedom it gives him. 
>He even had RockyRoad ice cream with chocolate peanut butter topping for 
>lunch the other day!!!! >>

I don't know HOW you new pumpers get to start adding the yummies right 
away...maybe your basal was immediately correct. I am 12 days pumping and 
still am concentrating on working out a good basal...started on 1.0 u/h, 
went to 1.5, and now am on 2.0 and nearly achieving target. And THIS is all 
the while on a very low carb diet! I look forward to the day when I can eat 
rice or a piece of bread!! My carb to insulin bolus ratio is 15g/1.0 unit 
right now...but NO complaints here....I am happy to get in a safer Bg range 
no matter WHAT it takes!!  :)   I'm glad that the young-uns can be rewarded 
right away!! Carole Eve


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