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Re: [IP] Tomorrow's the DAY!

<<At 11:23 AM 5/14/00 -0400, you wrote:
>Well, folks, I get hooked up tomorrow morning. It's like a new life beginning.
>Turning cartwheels again!  Woohoo!>>

      Let me share your excitement! I have been pumping 12 days now!!! My 
Bgs were in the 300-400s for about 4 years....after THREE days they were 
around 250....with a basal change they are around 160-180!!! I have had two 
kinda low episodes...not in the danger zone really...but for ME, they felt 
VERY low! My current target is 150...after so many years with extreme Bgs, 
they want this change to be gradual since even 150 feels a bit low to me!! 
I LOVE my pump...just TRY to get it away from me!! LOL  I have had NO 
problems, no discomfort and no confusion.....just increasing energy levels 
and PRIDE in finally SEEING the result of all the tight control measures I 
have practiced (without success before the pump). Those blankety-blank 
doctors that stood before me in a condescending manner and wagged fingers 
in my face to say that I was doing something WRONG are truly dinosaurs in 
the field of diabetes!! I had to work MUCH harder before just to stay out 
of the 500s...than now to shoot for 150!! I am also on a low carb diet per 
my new doctor...which really has helped eliminate the radical swings and 
rebounds. Good luck to all the new pumpers (and acrobats...cartwheels and 
backflips..hee hee)...your excitement is very well justified!!  Carole Eve

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