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[IP] Max and Roselea! :o)

Hey Roselea!
I will be thinking of you tomorrow. Have a wonderful time getting hooked up 
with Max! :o) It has been a long haul for you but I am sure you will be 
pleased with the results.
I was at a Diabetes Health Team Luncheon for professionals the other day as 
a guest speaker. One of the other speakers had been pumping for 3 weeks 
after 37 yrs. of MDI. His testimony of pumping was so positive. The 
difference for him is like it is too good to be true! After all these years 
of wildly swinging bgs, he finally has control. All the time he was 
speaking, I was thinking of you!! He told of his heartfelt relief that he 
doesn't have to feel guilty now for his bgs not being in control. His Dr.s 
often made him feel that it was his fault his bgs were all over the place 
when he was actually doing everything in his power to keep them in a normal 
range and not cheating.
The wonderful part is that the improved control on the pump is true and your 
life is going to be so much better now. :o)
Take Care,
your pumping pal,........Carolyn Green...........
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