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Re: Subject: [IP] Basal Testing Question

Taylor's numbers have actually been pretty good, however she wants us to
double check them I guess.  Right now I am not very impressed with her and
we are thinking of changing.  For the first 2 months we called every day
with his numbers, and she wanted to do all the changing (just to refresh our
insurance was conditional on compliance so we had to let her, not that we
have ever been non compliant before).  However, she would be out of the
office and not let the CDE know and we would have to wait for several days
before she got back to us.  The lack of communication from her makes me very
uncomfortable.   I will probably waiting until school gets out to basal
test.  Maybe just do some night time ones in the mean time.


> Just curious, why does your doctor want you to test basal rates?  Is
> running consistently high or low, or does s/he consider basal rate testing
> maintenance kind of thing?  I only do basal rate testing for Jenna when
> numbers are off.
> Nancy Morgan

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