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Subject: [IP] Basal Testing Question

Hi Holly,
You're facing the same question as me, it seems.  Jenna's sugars have been
rising 50+ points during the night for the last week.  I need to do the
nighttime testing and figure out when she needs a little more insulin, but
thought, what the heck, school is out in 2 more weeks.  Past experience
tells me she will need a lot less insulin after that, so I'm just kind of
bolusing her down at night, and will get serious about checking basals after
school has been out a while.

Just curious, why does your doctor want you to test basal rates?  Is Taylor
running consistently high or low, or does s/he consider basal rate testing a
maintenance kind of thing?  I only do basal rate testing for Jenna when
numbers are off.

Nancy Morgan

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