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Re: [IP] Re: high heat/high bg's

I think with me there are 2 major reasons for my insulin need being higher in 
high heat.

1) I tend to be less active when it is really hot

2) I am light-skinned and if I get even a little pink from the sun my blood 
sugars will skyrocket.  This effect will last from a few hours to several 
days depending on how much the skin is damaged.  I am pretty sure I am having 
this problem sometimes even when the damage to the skin is not at all obvious 
to the eye.  Generally keeping covered and wearing a brimmed hat prevents it, 
but if I am out long enough, or in the middle of the day in the hottest part 
of the year, there are no sun screens that seem to be able to prevent it 
completely for me.  Do others have this problem?

Linda Z
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