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Re: [IP] Weird Alarms with Mini-Med

Last week I had a no delivery alarm shortly after changing sets... which went 
smoothly... a few minutes after my change I had my tubing hanging out and had 
caught it on the knob of the oven.. looked down. felt around.. said "PHEW.... 
I didn't rip that out!".. and went about my business... the alarm came some 
20 minutes later when I was bolusing and then it went away and I finished the 
bolus no alarms... I changed the volume on my alarms so if it happened again 
I wouldn't miss feeling the vibrations ... turns out it alarms 20 minutes 
later and at that point I changed the site ... guess what.. I hadn't been so 
lucky in my oven incident.. the canula was laying quite nicely against my 
skin under the tape!  I guess the tape wasn't stuck as much as I'd expected 
and it pulled out real quick and then re stuck itself never letting me know 
I'd pulled it out.  So my advice would be to keep checking every 30 minutes 
or so after such an alarm and when in doubt change sets.  Good Luck

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