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[IP] Re: high heat/high bg's

> For those of you who have said that hot weather makes
your bg's go higher
> .....does it have any lasting effect or do they go back
to normal when you
> get in out of the heat?
> Allison

I don't 'believe' that heat has a major effect on dm'ers
control in general.  When I was going back to school, in
the mid '70's, I worked labor on graveyard, in 130 degree
heat, at a lead smelting plant.  Besides carpal tunnel, I
had no major problems.  Of course I didn't have a pump but
now live in LV and still have not had problems related to
high heat.  As you say, YMMV, and different people will
react differently.  Maybe profuse sweating could force our
bodies to send out glucose, which should be stopped soon
after a normal temperature were achieved, or bg's had
gotten low causing a rebound.  I would think that the
first area you should investigate is, did the insulin get
too hot for too long, was it in direct sunlight?  If it
did, it could go bad very easily, especially if it had
been out for awhile already.  If the insulin went bad from
heat, it would not matter what the temperature became
after that and would not improve until discarded.
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