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Re: [IP] Basals That Go Bump in the Night

Lisa wrote:

I can be 78 at midnight and wake up around 190-220.. go figure.. I even have
my basal as high as 2.0 from 3a to 8a and that doesn't help.. it seems the
higher we go on the basal the higher the bs gets...

I don't know if this will help, but when I had something like this going, it
turned out that my BG was going quite low in the night, and I actually
needed to lower my basals.  Apparently, what was happing was I'd go to bed
with a decent measurement, go low without realizing it, my liver would kick
in in a panic to up my BG and I'd wake up high.  Depending on how your liver
responds to lows, you could be doing this multiple times a night as you
raise the basals, and you could be going lower and rebounding higher as your
basal goes up.

It didn't seem right to me, and I took a fair amount of convincing to
believe that the way to handle my high sugars in the morning was to DEcrease
my basals, but it worked for me, and now things are much more stable
overnight.  I think it was important to set the alarm and test every few
hours overnight at first (so don't do this part when you have to be alert
the next day) -- at least doing that made me more comfortable that I wasn't
going to wake up 500 without realizing it and/or having a chance to do
something about it.

Now that I'm not yo-yoing all over the place at night, I also wake up
feeling more rested, which makes a certain amount of sense.

This is definately a YMMV thing, but it's something you might want to
discuss with your doctor to see if any of it applies to what's happening in
your case.

For what it's worth,

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