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Re: [IP] Help w/ High BS

> One of the problems that he is continuously having is that his BS is going
> really high (200-500) usually 40 hrs after changing infusion sets.  His
> basal rates are good and we went thru the entire MM pump test routine with
> the company (they even sent a replacement unit) but the problems continue.
A fair percentage of Humalog users exhibit a sensitivity to this insulin 
or one of its components that accelerates site degradition that causes 
poor absorbtion of the insulin. Many of them have found that mixing a 
small amount of Velosulin with the H mitigates this problem. My daughter 
and many others us a mix of 5 parts Humalog and one part Velosulin with 
success. See the ABOUT page of the web site for some statistics on this 


You may wish to confirm the sensitivity to Humalog by switching to 
Velosulin for a week or so. Bear in mind if you do this that basal timing 
will change with a switch to V, but does not change measureably on the mix.

Check this out with your medical team first -- although many docs have 
not heard of mixing insulins for this purpose.

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