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[IP] Happy Mothers Day: not all D related

Hi all, Happy Mothers day to all my cyber-Moms! :0)

We had an exciting night here in Central VA! Apparently we had a tornado come 
thru. Not a devastating one, but a tornado no less. We lost our porch screens 
when a chair flew thru it and a lot of  tree debris. My niece was driving 
down a 4 lane divided highway and came to a dead stop with rain/hail so hard. 
Her car got picked up in the Northbound lane and put into the South bound 

Our electric was out...(this is the D part) for the night so we ate finger 
foods. Kevin had a PBJ and some marshmallows that he tried to toast by candle 
light. (we don't recommend this!) We didn't have running water and totally 
forgot about the fingers having marshmallows when he went to eat a snack 2 
hours later. He was 299! We gave him a .5 unit correction and he ate his 
snack and bolused as he should. It dawned on us then that THAT is why he was 
high. So we checked an hour after that and he was 149. (he is asleep now) Not 
good....we checked 1/2 hour later...100...REALLY not good. We woke him up and 
he had some soda. Mind you, we were doing all this by flashlight!

Our electric is back now in this area, Charlottesville areas are out more 
with many trees down. Freaky night.

So, this is Mother's day! ha ha.Life in the fast lane.

Have a great day!

Mom to Kevin, 12, dx 12/98
pumping 1 year :)

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