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<I am a brand new minimed 508 user.  My first week - I have had problems
with the sof set and the micro.  I was trying to use the soft serter and
place it in my stomach.  After several hours, I was hurting with both.
What suggestions might you have for other sites or other infusion sets.
I am also thin >

Hi Brad,

I used sofset micros for over 2 months. Didn't have major problems, but
two times the cannula wasn't inserted below my skin, and a few times I
had tape problems (plus red blotches unless I put extra tape down

So 3 weeks ago I switched to Silhouettes, and I think they are great.
I've already had 2 sites last 5 days and one last 6 (actually I just
changed them because I thought I should give the spot a rest!  but not
very red at all). They use much less tape, the tape sticks nicely, and I
haven't had one come out yet! (and I'm not allergic to the glue on the
tape--as I am with the sofsets) Also, the disconnect doesn't leave you
with a 3 inch "tail" at the site!

Only drawback is the needle insertion (no sofserter). But after a few
times, I got used to it.  And you take the needle out right after you
insert it (just like the sofset)--the cannula is the only part that
stays in. Changed my set this morning in less than 5 minutes (not the
insulin resevoir or tubing, just the insertion part).

So, I'd call Minimed and ask them to send you some sample Silhouettes.
I'm sold on them.

Hope this helps.


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