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[IP] Help w/ High BS

My husband has been on the MM508 since the 11th April.

One of the problems that he is continuously having is that his BS is going
really high (200-500) usually 40 hrs after changing infusion sets.  His
basal rates are good and we went thru the entire MM pump test routine with
the company (they even sent a replacement unit) but the problems continue.

He has tried the sillouette set, the soft-set, and the micro soft-set.  He
changes areas (thighs, abdomen, arm) yet nothing seems to work.  He never
had high sugars before!  When he notices that his sugar is getting too high,
he boluses to compensate, yet his BS continues to climb.  Where does the
insulin go?  The machine says that the bolus was completed and we have never
had the "non-delivery" alarm.  When he remove the infusion set to check for
blockage at the cannula the insulin comes out fine so we know it is going
"into" his body.?.  but why isn't it being absorbed properly?  Also, we know
that the insulin is good because when he does an injection after removing
the infusion set, he uses the insulin from the resevoir and his BS goes down
to normal range.

Has anyone else experienced this type of problem?  I've seen mention of
"rapids" in some of the posts on the list but I'm not sure what this means.
Can anyone offer other suggestions?

Angel Shweika
Kalamazoo, Michigan

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