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Re: [IP] Re:Swimming and canoeing

Kap has been swimming for 2 days now and we can't keep a site on - pool water 
doesnt mix w/ Soft-sets - quick relsease.

We have tried every type of tape - iv 3000, tanderm, and 1 other kind.
Even double layers.  - 5 minutes in the pool and they are coming off 

So, tonight, I started thinking,
I am in the swimming pool business and when I tell the customer how to patch 
a hole in the liner - I always tell them to cut a circle - don't use a square 
patch.  Square patches will tear loose at the corners.
So, tomorrow, Kap will get in the pool again - except this time I will be 
cutting the IV3000 top layer in a circle.  
Makes sense to me - does it to anyone else out there in insulin pumping land?
Darlene - Mom to Kap - age 9 pumping 1/19/00 - dxd 8/26/98
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