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[IP] Minimed glucose sensor

I didn't use it but the pump liaison person at a meeting had used it. You
cannot read the sensor. It stores the readings in an internal memory which
can be read out by a computer with the proper cable and software. It has a
nasty large trocar (needle) which is inserted then the sensor is implanted
thru the trocar. It is painful going in but not excruciating. There is no
disconnect. once in, it stays in until it stops working then they take it
out. The purpose is to see what trends are present and to decide on how to
manage the pump. It is a physician management tool rather than a patient
management tool. You don' buy it. If your endo is participating they will
have it put in. It measures glucose levels in the body fluid about every 3
minutes or more during the time it is in.(I'm not certain about the time
intervals) You only do a fingerstick when you put it in. The output is a
computer generated graph. Cygnus has gotten FDA approval to start trials of
their glucowatch. In patients. You can't shower with this device

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