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Re: [IP] carb ratios/NicoleB.'s Mom....

I agree that you should probably look into a change of endos.  geneva's team
had her on a carb ratio while on shots.

and like renee mentioned,  being taken off of the pump for going higher on
HA1c seems a bit odd.

but ...to help a bit....you might try going to the IP webpage and look at
all of the HOW TO's about carb ratios,  setting basals,  etc.  the book
"Pumping Insulin" is the bible for most of us on this list.  you can order
through our webpage or on amazon.com.

to answer below question,  1: 20 carb ratio means 1 unit covers 20 grams of
carbohydrates.  for geneva,  she requires more insulin at breakfast and
after 9 pm to cover her food.  in the middle of the day ,  when most active,
and for whatever reasons,  she tends to need less insulin for both basals
and carb ratio.

I hope that you are able to find an endo/team who will provide you with all
of these answers.

mom to geneva, age 11
>   Our "team" has never taught me about carb ratios ie.1:20 like the way
> wrote about. Will you explain what this means? is this insulin:carbs? how
> you adjust

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