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[IP] Basals That Go Bump in the Night

Sorry to report that I DIDN't get any useful information - more of the same 
ole 'did you check this, did you check that?'.  I've checked it all without 
success and believe after 35 years AND a master's in nutrition that I'm not 
making too many 'user' errors.  I think the hormones - epinephrene, 
estrogen, cortsione (or whatever that growth hormone is that trigger's dawn 
phenonmenon - are wreaking havoc and am only glad to say I found someone who 
understands what I'm talking about.  My endo thinks (or acts) like I'm 
making it up, eating hamburgers  or pizza in the wee small hours, or some 
other totally unaccounted for behavior like the wrong carb ratios.

Two days ago I had one of those nasty hypos where I passed out- close to 
waking- as I finally came to in la-la land, hypothermic, and thinking I was 
dead.  Scary. Keep in touch and if anyone else on the IP list has any 
answers maybe they'll let both of us know.

Glad to meet you.

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