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Re: Subject: [IP] skinny:Tender

In a message dated 5/12/00 9:20:45 PM Mountain Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< Jenna doesn't like using her Tenders in her abdomen for a bunch of reasons,
 but it does seem that they kink up more there, too.  She likes the backside
 area, and we rarely get kinks thee.  I think it's just because the abdomen
 bends so much more.  Try the backside if you haven't already.
 Nancy Morgan
Hi Nancy,

I am just coming in on the end of this conversation.  I have not yet 
experienced this kinking problem. Could it be the way they are inserted. Our 
doc told us to insert from side to side instead of top to bottom or 
vice-versa in order to avoid that problem specifically.  It was just a 
thought. Hope you don't mind.  We just started using the rapids6mm yesterday 
with Jenna.  Giving them a try for more site uses,  There is not much of a 
belly there to deal with and the tenders use more area.  So far we have had 
my son rip out the first one as he tried to sit in the big chair with sister. 
 The needle of course was pulled and she bled for quite sometime.  So that 
was a fun way to begin the day.  I may have to invest in the extra tapes to 
make sure this doesn't happen again.  By the way!!!   Happy Mommies Day!

with Jenna and our Tramp we to have discovered a good snack is a big helper. 
You wouldn't think that bouncing around on something that does most of the 
woek for you would be as much exercise as it is.  It doesn't take long for 
her to use those carbs!!!!!!

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