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Re: [IP] ?? MiniMed Glucose Sensor

> Has anyone used the Glucose Sensor made by MiniMed?

Eve (12) has used the Glucose Sensor in April.

> If so,  can you tell me
> a little about it, please?  My son is going to use one soon, and I would
> to hear from others how it was.
  > Teressa
> Mom of Justin/14   Dx'd 8/98  - not pumping yet
> .....but hopefully soon!

Before Eve went to the clinic, her CDE told us to have Eve put EMLA cream
on, so the site would be numb. Eve had to insert the sensor two different
times in different spots b/c it didn't calabrate right the first time b/c
she was low at the time. Her CDE had an inserter (this is new) that looks
like a sof-set inserter but the legs were at an angle. Eve did fine without
the EMLA. Eve says "it feels like putting in a sof-set," this
is without the EMLA. With the EMLA she didn't feel a thing. The sensor looks
like a sil but a bit larger. Eve looked at the sensor and said "oh, it's
bigger." Eve said the
sensor felt like you were wearing a sil and a pump. One thing, the monitor
can't get wet, our CDE gave us a shower bag to put the monitor in when Eve
took a
shower. Eve was only the third child this clinic has had on the CGMS.

Make sure you have plenty of time in case things run long. In Eve's case,
what should have taken an hour and a half, took 3 hours (because of her
low). You will have about an hour wait from the time the sensor in inserted
until the calibration is done, and you can go home. Bring something to do,
our CDE let us let us walk around the hospital (the clinic is right next to
the hospital), but we had to be back before the hour was up.

>Was it painful to insert?

No, Eve tried it both ways, one time with EMLA and the other with just the
inserter and both were pain free.

>When you did fingersticks along with it,  were the results

You still need to do fingersticks and then enter these in to the monitor,
they will show how to do this. You also have to tell the monitor when you
eat and when you give insulin. This is all very simple. I felt the GM was
fairly accurate. The lower Eve went (under 70) it seemed it was less
accurate and the doctor felt that this might be that her bg meter was less
accurate. After she was on the glucose sensor we did test with two different
meters and did find the bg meter she uses runs higher around and under 100.

>How much did the Sensor cost?

I didn't ask, our ins. will paid for most of it. You only use it for three
days and than you come back the clinic. We received a print out of a graph
showing her bg. We also asked if they could print out all of Eve's bg's (the
five min. numbers) and they did. I think that they did this for us b/c when
it came time to download Eve's numbers at clinic, the computers were messed
up and they had to call in the mm rep to download the monitor to her laptop
and of course this took time.

If you have any more questions, feel free to email me at
email @ redacted

Deborah mom to Eve 12.75
Dxed 5/3/96 pumping 5/21/99

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