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[IP] taking too much insulin

Ruth wrote
>  I think that we are experiencing this with geneva. 

to someone else's
>>When I'm normal 2 hours a meal, I have to set a temporary basal 
>>of 0 for the next 2 hours or I'm guaranteed with a low by the next 

and Laura wrote
> > >  2 hours after breakfast he is usually right in range
> > > (100-200), but if doesn't eat a snack then, he will drop 
> > > within an hour!  

I am not sure how much unused insulin there is at 2 hours after a bolus, but 
surely at least a good 30-40 percent?  If you test your blood 2 hours after a 
meal and you are back in the range, then there is NO question that you will 
go low...Humalog AND Regular BOTH have a tail that will continue to drop you 
for as long as 5-6 hours.

As a suggestion, you might TRY taking LESS insulin for the meal, and instead 
of testing at 2 hours after meal, test 3 hours after....  If that doesn't 
work then try taking the insulin MORE in advance of meal...  I think the 1st 
option makes more sense.  

Every body is different...some people use up all the insulin in two 
hours...most people DON'T however, so a continued drop is to be expected.  
Perhaps add more protein or fat to the meal to slow the carbs absorption down.

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