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[IP] phone numbers

Brian wrote:  "having to put your phone number would..."
>  discourage allot of people from joining the list.

so why not make it OPTIONAL!!???  so if someone WANTS to put it, knowig that 
it is SAFE, just like all of our OTHER personal information, and wants it to 
be available in case someone wants to get in touch with them, then they can 
CHOOSE to do it!!!

Buddy posted my hospital phone numbers here when I was incarcerated for my 
appendix in 1998...and I got 15 phone calls from some very wonderful 
peopple....and every call was appreciated!

If you don't WANT to put your number in the little box or what 
ever...youdon't HAVE to!!!  just like you can "choose" if you want the 
password to remain "remembered" or not...

besides...a bunchof people put their numbers in their profiles, so it isn't 
like it is compltely unavailable information.

Sara who will give her number to anyone who needs it...but only SOME of who 
WANT it...heh heh
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