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Re: [IP] carb ratios/NicoleB.'s Mom....

To Geneva's Mom:
  Our "team" has never taught me about carb ratios ie.1:20 like the way you 
wrote about. Will you explain what this means? is this insulin:carbs? how do 
you adjust.???
My daughter  Nicole is 7 1/2 and started pump(minimed) in January, her  a1c 
went up from 8.7 to 9.3 from January- April! I thought we were doing 
better...but she either has highs or lows...she is not too responsible when 
it comes to telling me when she slips some food in...so often carbs do not 
get accounted for right away...until I test her and correct. We test every 2 
hours...Our endrocrinologist took us off the pump temporarily for a month and 
put her back on shot...H and N and wants to see how that goes....any tips?
thank you.....I really appreciate any words of experience.
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