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[IP] Brad--inf sets

I'm sure a lot of IPers have advice to offer.
Personally, I was stubborn about rapids. I had tried
every set available my first two months pumping, but
didn't give the rapid a fair chance, it didn't stick
so i didn't try again---wasn't fair, b/c i didn't want
to shower connected to my pump or have a needle in
me....if you're only a week into it, there's no reason
to think the micros/sof sets may not work for you.
(everyone is different, I gave them about 3 weeks of
trial, but a site was lucky to last 2 days w/o
crimp[ing or other unexplained highs and the biggest
thing, my cause of set probs, the sets physically
HURT,--not the inserton, but several hours afterward
for no reason. Rapids which I did try 5 months into
pumping, well, they solved a lot of probs, not to say
I didn't have another spout with unexplained highs in
january, but then at least i knew my cannula wasn't
crimping (it can't b/c there is no cannula). when i
had probs, the first suggestion from IPers was to try
sils, so you probably want to try them, but be aware,
there are rapids out there, and also bent needles,
which do are a needle set that disconnect...

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