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Re: [IP] Tingley Fingers

At 03:40 PM 5/12/00 Babs Moffett wrote:
 >Whoops,  I should have read my next email before I sent the one to you.
 >This is a
 >continuation on Aspartame
 >PLANETNEWS broadcast...
 >Aspartame awarness continues...in order to save lives...

These so-called "horror stories" have been floating around for at least 6-7 
years and are totally unsubstantiated by any legitimate scientific studies 
or sources. There are a few people that have made their whole mission in 
life to rid the world of aspartame and Betty Martini is their leading 
proponent. In another group (misc.health.diabetes), Betty recently directly 
blamed the increased use of insulin pumps on aspartame!!!! Obviously, she 
knows nothing about diabetes or its causes.

Since there is no scientific evidence for these any of these claims, all 
that is left is just what we choose to believe. Obviously there is no 
arguing over belief systems. Consequently, there have been more bitter 
flame wars over this topic than virtually anything else since the 
Protestant Reformation. I've seen this degenerate too many times into 
hateful, ugly name-calling that goes on for weeks and solves absolutely 
nothing. Please let's NOT start it here.


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