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[IP] Tingley Fingers

I recently received this article from a friend.  I thought it was interesting in light of
the recent threads about carpel tunnel and sleepy fingers.  I had already quit  Diet Coke
about 6 months ago and have notices a reduction in my hands being tingley in the morning.
See what you guys think.

IDDM 35 years Pumping since May 2

Jeanette Soto is now Mission Possible Brookfield, Florida.  She is the author of a
brochure titled Blinded Sight.  She is also a great activist, warning the world, and has
many ideas.

>From:  email @ redacted (jeanette soto)
>Date:  Wed, 3 May 2000 15:53:42 -0400 (EDT)
>To:    email @ redacted
>Subject:       "Blinded Sight"  The Eric Soto Story

>When my husband Eric, told me he couldn't see out of his right eye, he
>was panic stricken.  A dark grayish cloud had formed in the middle of
>his eye.  (I couldn't see it, but he couldn't see through it),   Of
>course we called the opthamologist.   He examined Eric on a Monday
>morning and immediately sent him to Tampa's Eye Institute at the
>University of South Florida.    The doctors were puzzled.  Even after
>catscans, MRI, spinal tap and numerous other tests, we had no answers.
>He was given a steroid, sent home to come back a week later.
>The next day, the same thing started in his left eye.   We called the
>specialist and he told us to go to Tampa Genearl Hospital.   We did, and
>Eric was admitted.
>I'll never forget the admitting doctor, Russell Weintrub.  As I was
>waiting in the hallway while they were examining Eric, Dr. Weintrub came
>out to speak with me to obtain as much medical and personal history o
>Eric as possible.    I told him that Eric had been diagnosed with
>non-insulin dependent diabetes three months earlier.  I also stated that
>Eric had never been ill a day in his life.  He was always active, and
>hardley ever battled anything worse than a cold until recently when he
>had been diagnoised with Carpel Tunnel Syndrome by three area
>physicians.  I related that he currently suffers severe tingling and
>numbness in his fingers and arms, and it was difficult for him to sleep
>at night and that Eric had previously been scheduled for Carpel Tunnel
>surgery in two days, but that would have to wait because he had been
>Doctor Weintrub then asked me if Eric was an alcoholic.   I couldn't
>believe my ears.  "Alcoholic?"  I told him we had never drank anything
>stronger than a "diet coke".  He said, "Mrs. Soto, your husband has
>symptoms of "wood alcohol" poisoning."    I was shocked and puzzled.
>How in the world could Eric ingest wood alcohol?
>All the tests ruled out a brain tumor, multiple sclerosis, aneurysm,
>diabetes, glaucoma, detached retina, an injury, lyme disease.  Finally
>they told me, "Mrs. Soto, there are some things we just don't have
>answers for.  It's quite possibly a virus of some sort.  We just don't
>know what caused it, but your husband has optic neuritis, which is optic
>nerve damage."  They didn't know if he would respond to treatment of
>complete bedrest and prednisone.  He didn't.
>I tried to reflect on recent changes in our life style the discern what
>brought this on.    We had found out three months earlier (THREE MONTHS)
>that Eric was diabetic.  The doctor had assured us that this type of
>diabetes could be controlled by medication and diet.   It was at that
>point that our lifestyle changed.
>I was going to take care of him.  Little did I know that was the start
>of poisoning my own husband),  I replaced all sugar with  "sugar-free"
>aspartame (Nutrasweet/Equal) laced colas, lemonade, puddings, jellos,
>jams, ice-cream, and Equal in his many cups of hot coffee.   "No sugar,
>it's for you own good, it's got to be a diet drink Eric!"
>I recall that almost immediately upon ingesting aspartame laced drinks
>(hot and cold), Eric started experiencing insomnia.  He hardly slept at
>night.    The severe tingling and numbing in this fingers, hands and
>arms became excruciating.    He also experienced severe headaches, which
>I atttributed to his blood sugar levels.   For a man who had never been
>sick in his life, the past three months were a bad
>dream........but......BLINDNESS  was a nightmare!
>I received a phone call from a dear, long-time friend who had seen a
>segment on TV about the dangers of NutraSweet.  He asked me to watch the
>rerun at 10 PM and I did.   It was an eye-opener.   They stated that
>Nutrasweet had "Wood Alcohol"  or methenol in it!     BINGO!   WOOD
>ALCOHOL!      I couldn't believe what I was hearing!
>The very next day I made phone calls to those individuals.  One was Dr.
>Woodrow Monte in Tempe, Arizone, who had done research on the effect of
>the methenol  (wood alcohol) in NutraSweet.    He stated, for the
>information about Eric, that it was a classic case of wood alcohol
>poisoning, and felt that my husband, unfortunately, had experienced the
>ill-effects of  the consumption of Nutrasweet/Equal  which resulted in
>damage to his optic nerve.   I talked with other expert researchers as
>well.   Eric was one of numerous victims of aspartame!
>By the way, when Eric stopped ingesting aspartame, all symptoms of
>Carpel Tunnel Syndrome disappeared.   (We were told that only surgery
>would allievate those symptoms).
>It's been nine years since Eric lost his eyesight.  He is the bravest
>man I know.  He has put up a hugh facade, and consequently, most people
>don't even realize his visual limitations.  Maybe it's pride, or perhaps
>just the fact he didn't want to be blind.    People will ask him, "how
>are your eyes doing?"  He will always say, "They're getting better."   I
>always say, if they are getting better, why doesn't the doctors say so?
>What isn't there any improvement?    Eric has never been able to say
>what the doctors tell him, that he is legally blind.
>I read every bit of information I can get my hands on about aspartame.
>I have been determined to tell others.   I implore everyone to get
>involved in this battle.  There have been many, like Betty who have
>taken this battle beyond measures anyone could concieve.   But, you, too
>need to tell all you see.   Get involved.    Refer all your friends to
>www.dorway.com website.   Information is flowing there, and someday this
>horrid toxin will be removed.

>One more little note.    Because of my activism regarding aspartame, I
>became very interested in politics, and have dedicated myself in helping
>elect ethical candidates.   It's time we take back this nation from the
>liars and greedmongers!

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