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Re: [IP] Batteries (was RE: insulin-pumpers-digest V4 #174)

Well the last ones I put in lasted a bit over 3 months. A 357 energizer is
a 357 energizer. I go to stores where there is a big turnover. I wouldn't
tell lies about batteries.
Also how long batteries last is often related to what functions of the pump
you use. If you use the back light alot it will cause the batteries to be
used up sooner etc.
I have had ones from MM that lasted 3 weeks..what a waste and they were the
same ones (357) so go figure. I had some from MM that lasted 2 weeks. 
All the WalMarts around where I live carry them so when we go I get 6 at a
I keep 2 in my purse and a set at home. So far I am a happy camper :) BTw
either they are kept in with the watch batteries, the hearing aid batteries
or where the other batteries are.
Pharmacys like CVS carries them too but cost more. But at least I know
where they are in an emergency. Like I said when I go out I get some to
keep on hand. I also rotate them so they don't get old. I also keep some in
my emergency medical box I have on hand and change them out with fresh
I haven't seen them at our little Radio Shack here. 
I wonder if Sam's Club sells them?

>SO, point of message is, that I would be very interested in seeing how long 
>those $1 batteries last.   And I will check out the energizer.com, cause 
>that is what MM uses.    But please get back to us when your $1 give out. 
>  Sounds "too good to be true"!  I hope it isn't.

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