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 I used sof sets for a month, and micros for a month,
had probs with both, and for them to h ave had even a
chance to not crimp, i HAD to pinch up skin b4 using
the sof serter (I'm thin, so one reason i had sof set
probs) and where are you going to find an inch to
pinch up on your back? I sure as hech can't! I k now
I'll have love handles one day adn those will be
superb sites, but I'm happy not just jabbing the
needle in blindly..also, imagine trying to jiggle off
the sofserter w/o dislodging the set when 1. you can
only use the mirror to see what you're doing and 2.
you've only got a single handle to lube the tubing and
cover with tape....
 for me, it's easiest with a needle, and also since
even nin my belly cannulas crimp, i wouldn't try a
cannula in my back where i couldn't readily see it, as
it is i frequently have someone "check" the needle is
still in my back since you can't feel it....

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