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[IP] Phone numbers for emergency use only

I think my suggestion of phone numbers was misunderstood (or not understood) 
by some on the list.

I was simply trying to suggest that as part of the sign up process one could 
enter his work and home phone numbers for use of the ADMINS ONLY in case of 

I am sure that if Michael had access to Tracey's phone number he wouldn't have 
wasted time tracing her down using whatever tools he had too.  I'm sure both 
Minimed and Disetronics would be helpful in this type of situation BUT they 
also have information 'freeze' as this info was NOT given to them to be given 

If one was not interested he wouldn't have to enter his number.  I just 
thought that for those of us who have ups and downs or could consieve of a 
situation where they might WANT someone to 'wake them up' it would be good.

Yerachmiel Altman

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