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Re: [IP] question-carry cases

You must be bigger "up top" than me <vbg>   when I try hanging from my bra =
- - it looks like a third "boob" (sorry for the language)...is it just me?  =
am I trying to connect it to the wrong place?

I'm still finding wearing a dress hard - cause you have to go to the =
bathroom to do the bolus and practically undress ( I use a stomach belt =
under dress and wear a jacket over the dress)

I will try the garter, as someone else suggested, as thigh high stocking =
don't stay up on me!  much less with a pump in them>>>I want to find a way =
to wear a dress and go dancing (ball room) - so that my partner does not =
feel the pump around my waist.


>>> <email @ redacted> 05/12/00 01:32AM >>>
For dressing up and wearing nylons I wear "thigh highs" which are =
wherever you buy pantyhose.  The elastic on the top of the band is =
enough for the pump to be clipped to and not fall down.  I find these =
convenient.  Also, depending upon what type of outfit or dress you are=20
wearing clipping the pump to the center front (or possibly other parts) of =
bra can hide it quite nicely. Just try your outfit on and try different=20
places to see what works best with which outfits.

Hope this helps,
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