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Re: [IP] Oh those frustrating nights!

I hate nights also...like last night.  we have been doing great all week at
night and then all of a sudden geneva is 305 at midnight and despite
correcting her to 135 she was 350 again at 4:30 am.  but...when I was
thinking to myself   "site change"...she awoke to 134.  so ...that blew that
theory out of the window.
sometimes that growth hormone wreaks havoc on our 'plans'.

I have found that in geneva's case, after 9 pm,   her carb ratio needs to be
increased.  (1:12 from her dinner ratio of 1:20)   especially for those big
snacks when she is hungry or up with her friends knoshing.
we stopped increasing the basal because then she would crash on another

we tried the temp basal thing when she hit the pillow, but it is too
unpredictable for her.  some nights she grows and others she doesn't .  I
almost would rather deal with the highs, which only happen occasionally,
than have her go low at night,  often.

this IS maddening, and we moms post OFTEN here about this very situation.

mom to geneva, 11

> I have decided that I hate nights

> But sometimes he's really hungry and
> adds a PB sandwich or chips or something else and his BG's are all over
> lot.
 > I especially have trouble deciding if basals need
> to be tweaked or insulin/carb ratios

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