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[IP] eating sweets and joni


some food items are high on the glycemic index...especially those unrefined,
white flour numbers.  (sweet rolls...sugary cereals,  and even rice!)
we had problems with this also and deal with it by either setting a temp
basal for four hours of about .1 or .2 HIGHER.   we have also experimented
with using a higher carb ratio for foods like this.  depending on the time
of day,  geneva needs a different carb ratio.  at breakfast,  she has a
higher ratio because foods at this time are high on glycemic index.
waffles,  certain cereals,  toast  (non whole wheat), etc.

trial and error and alot of experimenting/testing is the rule rather than
the exception with the pump.

   perhaps you will find a
way to enjoy these foods too!

>I keep reading about the children being able to eat anything they want...I
was looking forward to that...but I will not be able to do this....I have
tried to eat "sweets" but my sugars go WAY up ....for example

If I eat 45 CHO sweet roll - I will go 150 points higher from my starting
If I eat 45 CHO egg sandwich from Hardees - I will only go about 60 points
from my starting point (2 hours after eating, using same bolus ratios) (I
divide by CHO by 3)

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