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[IP] Things I have noticed after 3 weeks hooked-up! - esp for Type II

Tuesday was 3 week anniversary of being hooked up to my MM508 - I am type =
II - and am up to about 78 unit for basal and about 50 for eating...

As a type II, I am insulin resistant - the doc said that I would take =
aboutr 75% of the units that I had taken on NPH, etc...so I hope this last =
adjustment is about it - I was on 195 units before (MDI)

I keep reading about the children being able to eat anything they want...I =
was looking forward to that...but I will not be able to do this....I have =
tried to eat "sweets" but my sugars go WAY up ....for example=20

If I eat 45 CHO sweet roll - I will go 150 points higher from my starting =
If I eat 45 CHO egg sandwich from Hardees - I will only go about 60 points =
from my starting point (2 hours after eating, using same bolus ratios) (I =
divide by CHO by 3)

I have tried ice cream from dairy queen and pancakes from IHOP (I eat out =
a lot)....all makes me go up...so I have decided I won't try to eat sweet =
stuff...oh welll...I'm not that adicted to sweets anyway

I also noticed how much I have been eating (prior to pump)...now that I am =
paying such CLOSE attention, I was eating a lot more CHO that I had =
thought.  I try to keep any meal at 60 CHO or less  (I'm a BIG person)...bu=
t I bet I used to eat double that...for example - i just went to TACO BELL =
for lunch and what I would have normally gotted was over 100 CHO (and I =
had thought I was beeing good!)...I got 3 tacos at 12 CHO each, for lunch, =

just some thoughts that might help other type II, insulin resistant folks =
out there....


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