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[IP] Ultra Lente vs Basal Rate

Hi, RK.

< If there are any pumpers who use to use Ultra-lente are out there >

I confess I am one. <g>

< how many units of total ultra lente you use to shot verses how many total=
units of basil you now shot with a pump? >

I used to take 2 shots of 11 units, or 22 units total per day. My basal=20
rate of Humalog is now 17 units per day, a very steady 0.7 units/hour over=
all 24 hours.

< In other words is the basil rate absorption more potent than Ultra-lente?=

The basal is slightly more potent, but that's not the big difference. My=20
body never liked long-acting insulin of any kind. My reaction to it was=20
extremely unpredictable and I frequently needed to adjust the amount of=20
Ultralente I took. The basal rate of Humalog has made my life _much_=20
easier. My response to it rarely varies and if it does, I usually know why=
(infection, prolonged activity, bad site, etc.).

< I was shooting 13 units Ultra-lente AM and 15 units Ultra-lente PM ...=20
Any guesses on the conversion to a MiniMed 508 pump bolus? >

No, my crystal ball isn't working today and YMMV, but you're taking about=20
what I took. One thing that I wish I'd been told (so I'm tellin' you) is=20
that Ultralente hangs around a *long* time. I ran a 0.3 u/h basal for 3=BD=
days and then the basal requirement climbed quickly. I was only expecting=20
the Ultralente to hang around for a day or so. My advice is to start off=20
with 0.2-0.3 u/hr and eat normally. It'll take you most of a week to see=20
what you really need.


regards, Andy

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